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Rhythm Changes, Jazz Utopia is pleased to announce our Keynote Speakers, to be hosted at Birmingham City University for the fourth Rhythm Changes conference:



Ingrid Monson -A?Jazz UtopiasA?Then and Now

Friday 15th April


Ingrid Monson is Quincy Jones Professor ofA?African American music at Harvard University.A?She is the author of Freedom Sounds: CivilA?Rights Call Out to Jazz and Africa (OxfordA?University Press, 2007), winner of theA?Woody Guthrie Award of the InternationalA?Association for the Study of Popular Music;A?Saying Something: Jazz Improvisation andA?Interaction (Chicago: University of ChicagoA?Press, 1996) winner of the Irving LowensA?Book Award of the Society for AmericanA?Music; and an edited a volume entitled theA?African Diaspora: A Musical PerspectiveA?(Garland/Routledge 2000). She has been aA?Guggenheim Fellow, served as chair of theA?Department of Music, and Interim Dean ofA?the Arts and Humanities at Harvard. SheA?served as an expert witness for the MarvinA?Gaye family in the Blurred Lines copyrightA?infringement case in 2015. She is completingA?a new book called Kenedougou Visions, aboutA?Malian balafonist Neba Solo and is planningA?another book on copyright and AfricanA?American music.



Raymond MacDonald -A?Utopia, NirvanaA?or Valhalla:A?Improvisation andA?all that jazz

Saturday 16th April


Raymond MacDonald is Professor of MusicA?Psychology and Improvisation and HeadA?of The Reid school of Music at EdinburghA?University. After completing his PhD inA?Psychology at the University of Glasgow,A?investigating therapeutic applications ofA?music, he worked as Artistic Director forA?a music company, Sounds of Progress,A?specializing in working with people who haveA?special needs. He has published over 70A?papers, was editor of the Journal PsychologyA?of Music between 2006-2012 and has coeditedA?five texts: Musical Identities (2002),A?Musical Communication (2005), Music HealthA?and Wellbeing (2012), Musical ImaginationsA?(2012) and the Handbook of Music IdentitiesA?(in press). As a saxophonist and composer hisA?work is informed by a view of improvisationA?as a social, collaborative and uniquelyA?creative process that provides opportunitiesA?to develop new ways of working musically.A?Collaborating with musicians such as EvanA?Parker, David Byrne, Jim Oa??Rourke andA?Marilyn Crispell, he has released over 50 CDsA?and toured and broadcast worldwide. He hasA?produced music for film, television, theatreA?and art installations and is a founder memberA?of Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra. He hasA?a particular interest in cross-disciplinaryA?collaboration and has extensive experience ofA?working with artists and filmmakers.

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