Rethinking Jazz Cultures Twitter conversation

Apr 17 2013 Published by under Events, News

Feeling bereft after the event? Post-conference blues (who”s writing that piece of music?)? Us too. Wasn”t it good?! But we have one or two ways of helping you revisit #salfordjazz13, and here is the first. We”ve storified the twitter conversation, so you can see it all in one place. We”ll add a gallery of photos too soon. Read on …

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Rethinking Jazz Cultures hashtag. And AHRC announces the conference

Apr 10 2013 Published by under Events, News

AHRC announces Rethinking Jazz Cultures

And the Twitter hashtag conference is #salfordjazz13. Join the conversation!

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Question time at the Transnational panel

Sep 04 2011 Published by under Events

A lot of the ideas discussed at the whole conference were distilled as part of the Q&A session at the end of the Transnational panel this afternoon. Definitely worth a listen.

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