Rethinking Jazz Cultures Twitter conversation

Apr 17 2013 Published by under Events, News

Feeling bereft after the event? Post-conference blues (who”s writing that piece of music?)? Us too. Wasn”t it good?! But we have one or two ways of helping you revisit #salfordjazz13, and here is the first. We”ve storified the twitter conversation, so you can see it all in one place. We”ll add a gallery of photos too soon. Read on …

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Rethinking Jazz Cultures hashtag. And AHRC announces the conference

Apr 10 2013 Published by under Events, News

AHRC announces Rethinking Jazz Cultures

And the Twitter hashtag conference is #salfordjazz13. Join the conversation!

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Why use video in jazz?

Aug 30 2011 Published by under Events

Tony Roe from Tin Men and the Telephone explains why he uses video in his performances.

Tin Men and the Telephone perform at the Bimhuis at the opening of the Rhythm Changes conference in Amsterdam, this Thursday, 1st September.

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