Profs Tony Whyton and George McKay win University of Salford research excellence award for Rhythm Changes project

Jun 21 2014 Published by under News

We”re delighted to announce that, at the annual University Day celebration this week, Profs Tony Whyton and George McKay won the University of Salforda??s Vice-Chancellora??s Research Excellence Award for 2014. This was for theA?Rhythm Changes: European Jazz and National IdentitiesA?research project (2010-13), that brilliantly stimulating and massively creative and fun three-year jazz jaunt, caravanserai, parade, around the New (Euro-)Jazz Studies, with partners from Graz, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Birmingham, and Stavanger, musicians, artists, festivals, academics, archivists. Yes, that project was an absolute blasta??and ita??s still going of course, for we have the 3rd international Rhythm Changes conference,A?Beyond Jazz Borders, this September at Amsterdam Conservatory to look forward to.

Ita??s great to get such recognition from Salford, the university that led the project. Herea??s what the Vice-Chancellor, Prof Martin Hall (left, in photo below) , had to say atA?University Day, which was attended by 400 colleagues from across the institution.

The University of Salford is nothing without its people. Everyone has a part to play in making the University a?? the vibrant, pioneering and, above all, warm and welcoming institution that it is. Without you, this University would be little more than bricks and mortar. It is you who bring these buildings to life with your passion, your endless enthusiasm, your dreams, your focus on our students, your curiosity, thirst for knowledge, the need to find answers and a desire to change lives.

VC Award Salford with Tony Whyton

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Small awards for research at Institute of Jazz Studies, Rutgers University, USA

Apr 26 2013 Published by under News

Each year the Institute of Jazz Studies awards up to ten grants of $1,000 each to assist jazz researchers. Half of the awards are designated for students in the Rutgers-Newark Master”s Program in Jazz History and Research and half are awarded to scholars from other institutions or unaffiliated researchers to enable them to visit IJS in conjunction with their projects. The Institute is a special collection of the John Cotton Dana Library on the Rutgers-Newark campus.

The Morroe Berger – Benny Carter Jazz Research Fund was established in 1987 with a gift by composer/arranger/multi-instrumentalist Benny Carter (1907-2003) in memory of Morroe Berger. Berger, a close friend and Carter”s biographer, was a professor of sociology at Princeton University until his death in 1981.

Carter”s initial gift was matched by the Berger family, who asked that Carter”s name be added to the Fund”s title. Benny Carter, his wife Hilma, and other donorsA?have regularly added to the endowment over the years. To date, over 85 awards have been given to scholars and students worldwide working in a variety of disciplines, including jazz history, musicology, bibliography, and discography.

Rutgers Master”s Program Students:
Students currently enrolled in the Rutgers-Newark Master”s Program in Jazz History and Research. NOTE: Students must be nominated by a member of the Jazz Program faculty. Please contact Prof. Lewis Porter before submitting an application.

Jazz researchers at Rutgers or other institutions or non-affiliated researchers whose projects would benefit from the use of the research collections of the Institute of Jazz Studies.

Previous Berger-Carter award recipients are not eligible.

Send a brief (two-page maximum) resumA? and a one-page description of your project and how this award and access to IJS collections will facilitate your research. Include your full contact information (email and mailing addresses). The resumA? and one-page description should be sent as MS Word or pdf attachments to:

Applications are due by June 28, 2013. Awards will be announced by July 31, 2013.

For further information go here.

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